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I feel sorry for those of you selling vintage glassware!  Why?  I went shopping for vintage glassware so I put those words in search exactly what I wanted but I went through several pages of very little glassware but everything else.  To say the least, I just didn't have time to go through all vintage to find glassware.  I gave up.

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I know the feeling. I look for carnival glass and find 5 listings and the rest are listings totally not related. I asked Craig about this and he told me because not enough people have listed carnival glass. He told me that the search then goes on to other glass items. I have tons of vintage glass back in Pa so tell me what you are searching for I can list it or send you pics. I mean boxes and boxes of vintage glass and the prices will be low. I am just trying to sell it off because I am moving to Fl and need to get rid of it. If I have several items you like perhaps I can list them in a lot.
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