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Originally Posted by Twiganne
Yes it is a facebook business and it is free. I have never heard of a facebook shop so I don’t know if they are the same or not. I do know whichever one I do have you can list things other than listing in ArtYah or Etsy and posting them to your page. That is why I have a PayPal business account so I don’t have to go through one of the online venues to ship things. I just send the person an invoice and once they pay I ship it to them. Let me know if there is a difference between a shop or business. From my private facebook page I can also sell stuff without it going through my business account. I use that to sell stuff in the local area. The PayPal business account is free too.

What is the address(es) to your FBook page(s)? I'd like to visit. Here is one of my FBook pages:

We're still talking about three things: business page, FBook shop, FBook business, and we don't know what is the same. I'm glad that what you are using is free. I've heard of those who thought they were signing up for a free FBook service and got charged huge fees.

Paypal does not have the Premier account anymore. It has been merged with the personal account. Then there's the business account that they have always had. It's really for companies that do a high volume of sales, and for those who want their company name to show on invoices. Your phone# also has to show. My Personal/Premier acct is all that I've needed for the years that I've had it. Was considering signing on for a Business acct, but it's not necessary for me at this time. I can do all that I need with the acct that I have. I don't mind that my personal name shows. I am my business and work, and my business is me. [smile] Most handmades sellers that I know have the personal/premier account.

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