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I am surprised no one had mention this yet but I find Artyah site in it self to be beautiful!  but some shop owners are not at all taking their time to be creative and truly want to become more professional looking shops. After all we are all depend on each other for presentation and in turn more sales, but for example when I visit the site from a customer stand point and I see what is selling on Artyah I am disappointed to see images with such a poor backgrounds... I feel if shop owners want to be successful they must think that way and it should start with their images first you can clean them up on this site go to  and recommended books to read (The handmade entrepreneur by Dani Marie) from Amazon you can download it and read it on Kindle give a little effort we are all in this together~

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What I find surprising, as well,  is the poor grammar and spelling!  If you have a problem with these things, or English isn't your first language, have someone else read over your listings, before you make them public!!
When your listings are full of mistakes, it gives the impression that if you don't care enough, then your products might be poor work as well.  Take the time and effort to make your listings as nice as possible.
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