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I so agree with Emelie.  ArtYah needs to distinguish itself from the very first as a site for truly handmade (and vintage, and supplies...) Make it a Destination for the Discriminating shopper who looks for Quality, Integrity, Unique Art and Craft... etc., etc. Endeavoring to keep it this way from the first will be easier than trying to clean it up after the "wrong elements" have been allowed in.  Crafters at the festivals were encouraged to help the craft coordinators keep track of any cheaters.  (The process is set up at Etsy, but ignored at their discretion$).  A report of violation of the codes had to be accompanied by proof like the catalogs they ordered from.  We never thought of it as ratting  or being a tattle tale, but as helping enforce the rules fairly, keeping everyone honest AND eliminating what amounted to truly Unfair competition.  It protected the Real Craftspeople as well as the patrons who came to the show. 
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