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le french attic

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I am sorry but you have not got the point.

etsy is out law for not doing this and not us for not wanting to follow their advise

Did Artyah ask you to write out something , No they just mentioned in brief the rule in general.The problem in general is that in the states every one who can will try to take you to court for a yes or no.We in Europe with our social system are protected widely in our daily life which is not the americans case so the money has to be fought after in law suits etc. FB was shown to abuse the confidence of the people using their site and as people found that things where being shown abusively and that they simply wanted it taken down. the europeans made a contract with them to inable this in the future and the EU decided to go further. Most of this is nothing new to us as it existed more or less here these rules.So why should the little people be concerned as it is not us who sell our clients information for this or that as does FB Amazon and other big organizations mostly american based . Business is Business.Unfortunately the europeans are lining up with this american mentality.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  


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I agree completely with le french attic.  I haven't even created any GDPR policies for Etsy after all, even though I intended to a week or so ago.  I started realizing that no other sites were making sellers do this and also read an article that mentioned no one will even be enforcing the new rules/laws for awhile.  I'm not going to stress about it, and if any of my customers wants to know about information I have about them, I will gladly share.  I agree that Etsy made many sellers a bit panicky, thinking we would be getting in trouble if we didn't have massive legalese-laden policies in place by the 25th.  I don't and the sky hasn't fallen yet.  Haha  As far as paying for professional help to write the policies...good grief, I would hate to think some sellers paid good money for that when so many of us don't see a huge profit as it is.
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