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Hi Everyone,

I will try to keep this brief. If you will all take notice, I did not post that last message in the forum because I know that everyone in here supports AY.

Here is what I was trying to accomplish:

A lot of people want to close shop as of the last letter. That is what I requested. People that do not want to support ArtYah, please move on. People that want to see ArtYah grow, wonderful but again we cannot do it by ourselves. We need everyone to pitch in. We need everyone to help build up ArtYah like they did when they joined etsy after leaving ebay.

The last big exodus from etsy occurred when etsy was taking away paypal and forcing sellers to use their payment platform. The amount of people that said they would jump ship, did not happen. People gradually became complacent again.

What ArtYah needs now is for everyone to jump in and build ArtYah into the next etsy.
It will not happen overnight, I understand that. But the direction in which we were going, would also break us financially. That is why I stated that we had spent tons of money.

The pluses and minuses to the letter and the response that i am getting. It will in the end be a good thing. As I stated in a different post. I did not sit down and say, "I am really going to let them have it."

But, I had to let people know where we are and that we need their full support.

I hope everyone understands this and I meant no harm or foul.

Thank you,


AY customer service


AY customer service
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