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I received a message in ArtYah system that turns out to be a scam.  But I did not receive this message in my Yahoo mail.  That concerns me that if I do have a sale will I receive an email at Yahoo alerting me?  I am receiving other emails from ArtYah.

Thank you for any and all replies to this post.

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You should receive an email from Artyah and Paypal.  If you look at the other threads on this subject someone has explained in which circumstances we do not receive notification emails but I cannot remember off hand [smile]

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You'll receive "official" emails from ArtYah and PayPal when you sell something on ArtYah.  As far as regular messages go, if someone messages you from ArtYah and does it from one of your listings, you'll receive this message in your regular email.  If they message you in any other way, you won't receive the message in your regular email.  Craig may be fixing this in the future.  If you have enough messages in your ArtYah Inbox, you might notice some messages have long numbers next to them and some just have "0".  The ones with numbers have been sent directly from a listing and that number is the listing number.  The ones with "0" will not be emailed.  None of us know why this is, it's just one of those odd little things that still need to be fixed on the site. [smile]

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