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Originally Posted by ZeeP
I think the best and easiest is to get 4-6 boxes closest to 11x14 size, something like 12x16. The height: 6-8" or higher.
In each box you could store 2-3 months of pictures(60-90 pcs).
A divider between each month - a piece of Black or Red Bristol board, or just a cardboard, slightly larger than the art.
Write on each box which months are there.
As simple as that. And doesn't take much space.

Great idea! Most of my inventory, no matter what it is, is stored like this. In white cardboard office file boxes that come from the office supply store, and that you fold and lock together with tabs.

I also have little gift bags, standing up in some of the boxes, that separate small things like jewelry, magnets, name/place cards, etc.

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