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Originally Posted by ArtsyCrafteryStudio

  1. There may be limited categories available at the new site, I don't know. Even Etsy has limited cats available I believe. Isn't it 20? I think Bonanza's is unlimited, and that is why I have 4 shops there. My categories list for my 1st shop was getting longer. I wanted to have a good variety of products, but didn't want my customers to get overwhelmed with so much in one shop. So if AY will have limited categories you may find yourself bursting at the seams as you develop more products and need new categories. If you're going to let some products spill over into your Etsy shop, then 1 catch-all shop here could work.

Originally Posted by Barb

Do you sell much on Bonanza?

I have thought about trying it again.

Right now all I seam to be able to sell is fabric at a reduced price.

Some, not much. Mostly from members, fellow sellers. Remember, Bonanza is not handmades dedicated. Many resellers/drop-shippers do well. Also, Bonanza does not advertise. I think they used to years ago when they were Bonanzle. I'm there because it's a good base to work from with lots of features, even for free shops (booths), and an active onsite community, and active admin who post regular blog posts and articles.

Lots of complaints there about lack of traffic, as with most other venues. Must do your own marketing. I only have to pay FVF and there are different advertising levels that you can sign on to, where you pay more FVF to have listings pushed to different shopping sites, including Google Shopping. Instead of the standard 3.5% I do 9%. If sale did not come through those marketing avenues, I pay the 3.5%.

The paid subscriptions levels for more features, help and exposure are expensive to me. I think they mostly benefit resellers, because handmades sellers don't do the volume of sales that they do. If you expect to get a lot of sales through organic traffic and you want to see the owners promoting the website across the Net and other, I'd say Bonanza is not the place for you. But then Etsy no longer advertises either, at least not that I've seen.


I read in the Bonanza newsletter that they did advertise at Pinterest and Facebook during the holidays, and they showed pics of the large banner ads that ran.

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