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I couldn't agree more Lesley!

As painful as it is to admit, sales for this holiday season are probably going to be on the low side for MANY online sellers and b/b stores. Not because people don't like what we have to sell or competition being so fierce, but because of all that you just listed in your post.

After a very longgg dry spell with my E store, I just made 3 sales in 3 days. I still haven't figured that one out, but I'll take it! However, I'm not fooling myself into believing that this is the start of many more to come. One day at a time, as they say. That's the most I dare hope for. Meanwhile, from now and throughout the holiday season I will re-budget my cost of living and sprinkle some Good Karma on those affected by the disasters brought upon them.

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Originally Posted by byEmilie
I don't think many are really thinking about the holiday season full force yet. With the hurricanes happenings ....people are probably sending extra $$$ they might have to aid in that recovery. These are all factors one might consider. After doing a big art show this past weekend that was the major talk for many and I live in central Wisconsin. The show was good but not like past years. People usually at this show have their Christmas lists out and are buying for Christmas, didn't hear or see much of that this past weekend. 

Factors for the USA; we have a very unsettled government, wildfires spreading in the West, the hurricanes and that whole recovery from those. I think we as sellers of the art/craft, and vintage industry must be realistic and realize that we would be the last items people are going to consider buying before necessities. I'm not saying they won't buy it's just many are adjusting to many different factors right now.

Along with that, this is basically a new site if we are talking like this say next year or even the following year from now I'd say Art Yah may have a problem. For now Craig and his staff are doing a lot of upgrading with many things that are all going to be helpful. I certainly do wish the best for everyone and especially for those at Art Yah trying to get this site up and running smoothly. Ü ~Emilie~

Love your signature quote. "Immense persistance" is the one that resonates with me, and immense is not an exaggeration either.

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