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There are two methods of using quotes within this forum.

The first is to click the little pencil icon to the top right of the post you wish to quote - you can delete the parts of the message within the quotes that you do not wish to use and then type your reply below
the [/QUOTE}

Secondly you can copy the message/messages/parts of messages you wish to reply to and then in the posting box click on the " icon immediately below the smily face and this will bring up *[QUOTE}[/QUOTE} and you can paste your message between them.  If you wish to note who you are quoting then add =forumname immediately after the word quote eg {QUOTE=Christine} and before the closing square bracket.

I have changed the  square brackets ] to curly ones }  purely so the examples will show up, they should all be square

Originally Posted by Christine
Then you get this


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