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When I started to make this, I didn't intend to have a walnut "moon".
I fully intended the original knot to remain, but it broke out while planing the piece flat.
As it sat on my workbench "ruined" I had an epiphany... put a dark piece of wood in the hole.  Even us woodworkers can have Bob Ross type "happy accidents".

Anyone else make anything to "cash in" on the residual... or is it too late for that?  Indianapolis is in the path of totality for the next US event so I can always hold on to it until then.... when it will be almost an antique. [smile]

A Mechanical Engineer by day.  A Woodworker at play.
EtaGemini Art

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I drew what I saw in Nebraska. Two images, of the overall view:


And a close up of totality:



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