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As a seller of vintage books, I'm confused by the variety of categories we have to choose from, e.g.

1) Under Antiques & Vintage > Vintage > Entertainment > Books >

a) 2 choices: Fiction & Literature; and Literature & Fiction. Is there a difference?

b) 2 choices: Magazine Back Issues; and Zines and Magazines. Again, is there a difference. After googling "zines", I'm not sure there is that much call for a specific category on this. I've transferred my vintage magazines to the first category, and noted the other listings under Zines and Magazines are regular magazines as well. I will continue to list my vintage magazines under the Back Issues category.  

c) 2 choices: Craft & Hobby Books; and Guides & How Tos. I'm guilty here since I have books in both of these categories since I didn't know which to choose.

2) Under Home & Living (various categories) I see many vintage books listed here. I'm wondering if buyers who are looking for vintage books will bother to visit this section thinking it would be for newer books (newer craft / how to books (non-vintage); books written by the sellers, e.g. poetry, cookbooks, art, etc; and, of course, crafted books and accessories)

I may be the only one confused here (sorry, it's an age thing) but if I'm searching for vintage books, I only look in the vintage categories. Of course, if a buyer searches for a specific title on the main search page, if it's here it would come up regardless of what category it's listed in.

So for sellers, I'm interested in your thoughts on where you would post your listings; or your thoughts as a buyer. TIA



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I think some of the categories need a little work, but with everything on Craig's plate I haven't said anything.  I think many of those were from a year ago when categories were pretty much added when anybody requested them, with no real plan in mind.  And I agree, the books should be worked on.  I sell glass, and sometimes an item can go in 2 or 3 different cats, or sometimes I have to choose "close enough".   

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Hi fellow book sellers!

Thank you for bringing up this topic! 

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