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I started this Twitter account on 11th July so we are now one month old and how have *WE done?  I do not know about sales but with the members and followers who are retweeting (Thank You) we are letting more people know that ArtYah exists.

Tweeted and retweeted 1472 posts, most about Artyah and a few general to try and get others to view

Following - 576    I delete non-followers after a couple of weeks,

Followers - 535,   many of them organic (people of have found us and not just those following back)

I know it has bought more sellers in as I have had DM conversations with a few who I have later seen with shops.

28 day analytics summary (we have only been going for a little over 28 days so the upward percentages will be high)

Tweets                     579      +642.3%
Tweet impressions    69.1K   +2,176.5%
Profile visits             1,240   +570.3%
Mentions                  122     +1,120.0%
Followers                  535     +488

I do not retweet every post mentioning ArtYah but do try and tweet at least two of them from every person each time I do a search for Artyah and, this is usually two or three times a day

Shall we see if we can increase this in the next month ?

* I am saying WE as many of you are instrumental in helping build this account up with your retweets, follows, likes and the occasional comments

The seller managed Artyah Twitter Account

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That's a lot of tweets!

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