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Extending the offer another month!!  

I have decided to give a little "extra" this month to anyone buying one of my big stuffed candycanes for the home/office/as a gift....I make small versions, about 12 inches that folks use for ornaments, doorknob hangers, even instead of bows on gifts!  
20170822_122457.jpg<---free-small size in tub<---[biggrin]SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....when anyone buys a big candycane here on ArtYah this month (September), I will send a smaller one along for free as a thank you!  (These smaller ones sell for $6 at craft shows and are not normally sold online).  If you want a certain theme, let me know, winter, pets, kids, etc as shown in the picture [smile]

Absolutely not changing shipping costs either...this is totally extra and free!  Maybe an idea for others if you make something small...


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Great idea! If you add the link to your shop in the signature we will be able to visit your shop easily, go to the control panel in the forum and add the link to your gallery in the signature field.

Best of luck with the sales [smile]


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